What Is Cabinet Refinishing?

As the name implies, cabinet refinishing is the process of simply refinishing your surfaces. Many customers across Georgia ask our team about the difference between cabinet refacing and refinishing. Detail Design & Remodeling is trained to provide you a comprehensive outcome for your home remodeling, and our cabinet refinishing services may be the perfect choice for your Atlanta home.

Our local cabinet refinishers will provide a nice “facelift” for your kitchen, leaving your boxes, doors, hardware intact while only updating the exterior surfaces. This can provide a plethora of benefits for homeowners, saving you time, labor, and materials. We’re Atlanta’s cabinet refacing and refinishing experts, and we’re ready to get enhance your space!

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The Detail Design Process

  • Consultation. Our home remodeling contractors will visit your Atlanta home to help create a personalized plan that perfectly matches your vision while staying within budget. We rely on honesty and integrity to match our old-world craftsmanship and look forward to providing an amazing outcome for your family.
  • Preparations. Once the plan has been approved, the Detail Design team will get to work in order to finish the project as quickly as possible, minimizing your downtime.
  • Sanding. Our contractors will sand and strip your existing cabinet finishes down to the base layer to allow for a smooth, seamless bond with the new surfaces.
  • Repairs. Minor damages can be repaired at this stage to further ensure your satisfaction with the results of our high-quality services.
  • Cabinet refinishing. Finally, Detail Design & Remodeling will replace your cabinet’s finish, including either stain or paint to update the surfaces. With the hardware left as-is, your project will now be completed.

Cost-Effective Advantages

Custom cabinets can provide full control for your home remodeling project, but keep in mind that the time and financial costs will be steep. Cabinet refacing can also prove helpful, replacing the fronts of your existing system and hardware for a truly refreshed look. Kitchen cabinet refacing is our flagship service that provides the best balance between cost and quality.

Cabinet refinishing is a third option that reduces the labor, downtime, and materials needed to update your Atlanta kitchen. Many homeowners enjoy saving more than half on their home renovation projects, working with our contractors every step of the way for a quality outcome.

Possible Limitations

While cabinet refinishing is a cost-effective option for many Atlanta homeowners, it may not be a suitable solution for everyone. If your cabinet boxes, doors, and drawers ail from any of the following, then further services may be required for a quality outcome:

  • Warpage. Moisture and heavy use (such as toddlers) can cause your drawers and doors to warp, making replacement a recommend action.
  • Gouges. Our home remodeling contractors take pride in our work, and marred surfaces may be unable to take a new stain or paint effectively.
  • Worn. Over time, your cabinets can begin to wear down to the core layers, which may not be worth the cost. Cabinet refacing is also not recommended for old, worn systems.

Trusted Cabinet Refinishing Solutions

For years, Detail Design & Remodeling has worked to provide full-quality services for our Georgia customers. Many homeowners learn all-too-late that the quality of their kitchen renovation rests fully on the shoulders of their home improvement team. Our experienced contractors will work hard to provide turnkey solutions to meet your high expectations. We work hard to get it done right the first time, and all of our services are backed up by quality coverage to give you peace of mind.

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